HR Compliance Assessment (Self Audit)

The compliance assessment enables organisation to:

  • Accurately identify the gaps in your current employment practices
  • Assess the seriousness of the issues
  • Initiate timely actions for compliance and improvement
  • Educate managers, executives and administrative staff on the changes
  • To facilitate periodical after action self review viagra genérico preço


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Standard Company’s Employee Handbook

Company’s Employee Handbook covers the essential policies and procedures related to employment terms and conditions, benefits, employee responsibilities, discipline management system and basic safety measures for compliance within the workplace. Company may order the whole document or specific chapters to address the specific benefits and performance expectations.


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Guide to Labour Standards & Manpower Policies

This guide is specially prepared for employers to understand their legal obligations and responsibilities in implementing :

  • Basic employment terms and conditions
  • Statutory / non statutory benefits
  • Specific conditions in employing foreigners
  • Application of common HR policies and procedures


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Discipline Management Policy & Procedures

This policy provides detail guidance on the disciplinary process to be maintained by the employer, employees responsibilities in maintaining good conduct and the guide to implementing progressive discipline and investigations. Company may use the guide for immediate implementation.


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