The HR Advisory service is a value add service and allows clients to rely on our expertise to seek guidance on all HR related administrative matters, using email and telephone.

More importantly, our payroll services provide clients with 24/7 online access to view, print all related payroll data and reports, anytime, anywhere. In addition, employees may also be given direct access to view their payslips, apply for leave and monitor their leave status any time.

Service Benefit: Satisfy regulatory requirement of providing payslips to employees, ensure compliance and overall cost saving in maintaining payroll administration.

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For the Payroll Management Services to work effectively, One Nexus Consulting will work closely with the Client and both will focus on different aspects as listed below:

  • General advisory services related to HRM administration, employment laws, wage structure and labour standards on employment benefits / employment terms and employment contracts;
  • Conduct an initial payroll audit to validate and formalise the revised payroll policies for implementation;
  • Manage employee payroll administration using commercially available payroll software;
  • Maintain employee employment data / records;
  • Maintain employee payroll / leave records;
  • Process monthly payroll administration, as required;
  • Compute wages, overtime and other compensation in compliance to Employment Act;
  • Provide monthly payslips; and
  • Provide monthly payroll reports.
  • Attend to on- service demands (chargeable)
    • to participate in company’s HR meetings;
    • to undertake specific HR projects / assignment;
    • to conduct in-house company trainings; and
    • to review manpower policies / procedures or employee handbook.
  • Seek advice on HR related matters via email / telephone;
  • Facilitate the transfer of the existing payroll data;
  • Provide all employee data for the initial set up of the payroll software;
  • Formalise manpower policies in relation to employment terms and benefits to be in accordance with Employment Act, Employment Foreign Manpower Act, Employment Regulations and CPF Act;
  • Confirm the revised payroll register based on the revised payroll policies for workweek, working hours, wages, benefits and compensation;
  • Monthly, provide payroll status within the first two days after the salary period :
    • Changes to employee salary and occupation (increment/promotion etc)
    • New employee joining company with the new employee notification form
    • Resignation / termination of employee with the employee exit notification form
    • Overtime, allowance, rest day/PH pay and deduction notification form
    • Leave of absence notification form for annual leave, medical leave, rest days, time offs and AWOL.
  • Confirm completed payroll register for the processing of payroll for the month.