Discipline & Grievance Management

People management has wide ranging implications………if the establishment’s HR policy is not reasonable or if the implementation is flawed, it can give rise to unhappy employees, complaints, disputes and deteriorating relationship between employer and employees ; line managers and employees and among employees.

Today, most managers’ hate taking disciplinary action for fear that it may reflect badly on themselves. More often, they wonder whether they chose the wrong staff, or are managing badly or why the problem hasn’t been sorted out earlier. On the other hand, if they are compelled to deal, they compromise policies, procedures and legal / statutory requirements.

Management of discipline and grievances involves the use of different skills and processes. This workshop / training seminar provides participants with a good understanding on discipline and grievances management, best management practice and offers an opportunity to enhance skills in dealing with difficult situations and conduct disciplinary investigations /hearings.

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Discipline & Grievance Management



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