Employment Laws Affecting Foreign Manpower Employment

In the last five years, the Ministry of Manpower introduced significant changes to the labour legislations, regulations and policies in order to ensure that the specific manpower policies and the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act remains relevant to the changing trends in employment / business landscape.

The Employment of Foreign Manpower Act was reviewed and changed in November 2012, whilst, the Employment of Foreign Manpower (Work Pass) Regulations 2012 was updated in September 2013.

More changes are expected in the coming years to address foreign manpower policies and to further improve the overall management and administration of foreign workers in regards to payment of wages, housing, welfare and in the employment / deployment foreigners in the various industries.

The thrust of the change is aimed to enhance the employment standards, moderate demand for foreign manpower, enhance productivity and more importantly ensure that Singaporeans remain the core of our workforce.

These changes have a profound impact in the continued employment and management of people in the various business sectors / industries viagra senza ricetta.

It is therefore, imperative for employers to understand and implement the changes, take steps to review the HR strategies with a view of reducing the reliance on foreign manpower and finally analyse the overall impact and future viability of business.

This seminar will provide HR practitioners to gain a comprehensive understanding of the revised employment laws, policies and regulations affecting the management of people, possible solutions to implement the changes for immediate compliance and some insights to prepare for future changes.

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Employment Laws Affecting Foreign Manpower Employment



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